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Furniture Store Website Gallery Plugin

SelectConnect™ is a website plugin that allows a furniture retailer to have all of the products they offer displayed on their website automatically. This is not an online retailing or eCommerce tool but an online gallery tool for brick and mortar retailers. Our database of furniture builders is updated in real time with product images, item names, and numbers that we get directly from the manufacturer. Stores can choose what information is displayed with the product and how the products and categories are arranged on their website.


furniture gallery plugin wordpress

The Problem It Solves

All retailers have the same problem: when it comes to adding and managing content on their website. It’s time-consuming. To add all the products from all the manufacturers they carry takes, literally, hundreds of hours per year. Between adding items, taking down discontinued items, resizing pictures (not to mention when the info from the manufacturer is not completely accurate), most independent furniture stores have 3 options. Either try to do it themselves and then it’s ‘kinda’ accurate and ‘sorta’ complete some of the time. Hire someone to do it which costs thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars per year. Or don’t do it at all and wonder why your base of customers is dwindling year after year. With SelectConnect™ all you have to do is join the program, give us your list of builders, answer a few quick questions about how you want the products to display, and you’re done. Old items are removed automatically. New items are added automatically. Your website is always up to date and you have THOUSANDS OF PRODUCTS being shown on the site all the time.


Features & Benefits

  • Have up to 50,000 products on your website
  • Real-time updating
  • New items added immediately
  • Discontinued items removed immediately
  • No time required of the retailer
  • No need to manually add products to your website
  • No web design experience required
  • Turn-Key, Plug-N-Play solution
  • Show all products that you have available to sell
selectconnect retail furniture gallery

The Must-Have WordPress Plugin For Furniture Stores

Great job guys!! In the first week of our new website being live we already see a 65% increase in online quote requests. WebsiteNEO is very receptive to suggestions. Really enjoy working with them.

Israel Stoltzfus | Amish Furniture of Bristol - Philadelphia, PA

WebsiteNEO has been extremely prompt and helpful in answering our questions and developing a website that exceeds our expectations. Our customers are spending quality time on the website and come in the store with the name and product number in hand for the furniture they want to purchase. No more searching endlessly through catalogs trying to find the right piece of furniture, SelectConnect™ has it all at our fingertips!

Reo McBride | Black Buggy Furniture - Rainier, OR

Thank you for your great innovation of SelectConnect™ to enhance our website. This feature differentiates us from other stores by having instant access to our builders' information and designs. This allows our potential customers to see and design their furniture pieces from the comfort of their home on their phone or tablet. By far this will help drive sales to close quicker since the customer has more information before walking into our showroom.

Steve Beigle | Circles in the Wind - Chesterton, IN

We have been very pleased with WebsiteNEO and their professionalism as well as 'down to earth' in helping us design our website, and answer my countless questions! Our website requests have gone to a whole new level, which is awesome! Our customers are saying how easy our website is to navigate and get a request to us. We have been very happy.

Karen Gingerich | Amish Country Heirlooms - Arthur, IL

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select connect furniture gallery plugin wordpress

Features & Benefits

Schedule a 15-minute live online demo of SelectConnect™ with one of our online furniture marketing experts. WebsiteNEO, Inc is the largest marketing firm in the American Furniture Industry and we’ve developed SelectConnect™ just for you. During your online demo you will learn:

  1. How SelectConnect™ works
  2. What manufacturers are available
  3. What the different plans offer
  4. What the costs are
  5. Any other questions that you have