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SelectConnect™ uses a custom proprietary software system and furniture builder database to maintain and organize all of the builders and products in one location. The software integrates into the retailer website and, in real-time, pulls the product information from the database and displays it on the website. While the products are updated in real time from the database, they are actually on the retailer website and are searchable through search engines like Google.

Today's Furniture Retail Industry...

Most furniture retailer websites contain only 20% to 30% of their total available products

Over 50% of furniture retail stores have either no website or an outdated website

The #1 complaint of independent furniture retail stores is that their prospective customers buy online instead of in their store. Online retailers show what is available to buy.

About 10% of all independent furniture retailers in the United States close their doors each year yet furniture sales are up over 15% since 2015.

WebsiteNEO marketing
WebsiteNEO, Inc. is a full service marketing agency and the developer of SelectConnect™

About WebsiteNEO

WebsiteNEO, Inc is the largest marketing firm in the American Furniture Industry. We work with more furniture manufacturers and furniture retailers than any other firm in the world. We have seen first-hand the challenges and struggles that builders and retailers in this industry face every day and have been tailoring customized solutions for our clients since 2015. We are headquartered in Kent, Ohio and have a staff of friendly and knowledgeable professionals in both our sales and marketing department as well as our production and development team. We are pleased to be the #1 choice for marketing in the furniture industry in America and we look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and your trust.


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Schedule a 15-minute live online demo of SelectConnect™ with one of our online furniture marketing experts. WebsiteNEO, Inc is the largest marketing firm in the American Furniture Industry and we’ve developed SelectConnect™ just for you. During your online demo you will learn:

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