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SelectConnect™ is a website plugin that allows a furniture retailer to have all of the products they offer displayed on their website automatically. This is not an online retailing or eCommerce tool but an online gallery tool for brick and mortar retailers. Our database of furniture builders is updated in real time with product images, item names, and numbers that we get directly from the manufacturer. Stores can choose what information is displayed with the product and how the products and categories are arranged on their website.

Because your customers want to see what is available. Big stores let them see tens of thousands of items and small stores don’t. That’s one of the key reasons small stores close at a rate of over 5 times the closures of big national chains. SelectConnect™ lets you give your customers what they are demanding in a way that supports your business model and is affordable to an independent retailer.

That depends on the level of plan you buy. That is going to be based on what you feel your needs are and the best way to make that determination is to have a 15-minute online demo with one of our furniture marketing experts. They will go over all the options and pricing in detail with you. CLICK HERE to schedule a demo!

Yes. WordPress is the most popular website platform because it is the best at implementing responsive design and search engine optimization. If you have a different platform, most likely it’s time to upgrade to WordPress. Our SelectConnect™ Ultimate plan includes a customized WordPress website.

SelectConnect™ was designed to provide a more up-to-date, comprehensive gallery solution for brick and mortar stores who want to display all the products that they have available in order to attract customers to visit the store. eCommerce websites are built differently. At this time, WebsiteNEO does offer a limited eCommerce extension for SelectConnect™ at additional cost and development time – contact us for more information.

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