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Product Dimensions: 63 x 23.6 x 29 inches

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Manufacturer: ‎Akro-Mils

Item Weight: ‎7 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎19.99 x 15.99 x 6.99 inches

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Color: ‎Black

Material: ‎Plastic


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Product Dimensions: 50.8 x 17.9 x 28 inches

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Product Dimensions: 57.87 x 24 x 29.5 inches

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Product Dimensions: 63 x 23.6 x 29.5 inches

Item Weight: 45.7 pounds

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Manufacturer: ‎Jasco Products Company, LLC

Item Weight: ‎1.58 ounces

Product Dimensions: ‎1.48 x 3.61 x 5.48 inches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No

Color: ‎Brass

Shape: ‎Round

FAQs: Table Parts

What are the basic parts of a table?

The basic parts of a table are the following:


A leg is one of the vertical supports that run from the ground up to the top of your table. They can come in different shapes including round or square or they can be fanned out like an X. Most wooden tables have four legs, however there are some that only have one or two.


An apron is the part of your table that runs between two legs. It sits just beneath the top surface and can be used to give extra support or as an attachment point for other parts of your table design.

Tabletop (horizontal)

The tabletop is the flat surface on top of a table. This is where you put everyday items such as books, plates, and cups.

Table edge (vertical)

The table edge is the strip of material on the outside of your table's top which you put things on. This can be made from wood, metal, glass or any other suitable material for example marble.


Table edges or rails are the vertical pieces between the tabletop and the floor. The legs are attached to these.

How are table legs made?

Wooden table legs are sometimes constructed by laminating three pieces of wood together. The middle piece is shaped to connect with the apron, while the two outer pieces are shaped into "feet" or "paws." A metal pin or dowel inserted through holes in the "feet" or "paws" keeps the legs from splitting.

Sometimes a stretcher is glued to the bottom of each leg to help it support more weight, and metal braces are sometimes attached at the top and bottom of wooden table legs for extra strength.

Iron or steel table legs can be constructed by welding flat pieces together to form a rectangle. Welds are often made at the corners where pairs of legs meet, and metal braces may be welded to the inside of a leg for reinforcement. Sometimes a metal sleeve is inserted into a drilled hole at the top of a leg to reinforce it further.

What materials are used to make tables?

Tables can typically be constructed out of six different materials including:


Most wooden tables are solid throughout and might be made from pine, oak, or walnut.


A veneer is a thin sheet of wood that can be applied to the top surface of a table in order to add color and/or relief. Veneers are often made from mahogany, which has a very rich and luxurious appearance. They can also be made from maple or birch, for example, but these types of tables tend to be more economical than those with veneers.


Metal tables come in different shapes, including both round and square. The most common metal used is steel, due to its affordability and strength. However, iron is sometimes chosen because it's slightly more decorative than steel and takes on rustic colors over time.


Glass is commonly found in coffee tables, although it can also be used for larger dining table tops too. It's considered to be one of the most stylish types of tables due to its transparency, although it has durability issues that prevent it from being chosen more often in many homes.

Solid Laminates, Solid Surface or Plastic Laminates

These are made by placing layers of veneer on top of a core material such as particle board or plywood. Solid laminates are usually only available in small sizes because they're not strong enough for larger tables. They have the appearance of wood but don't need any maintenance or sealing like real wood does, making them popular with people who don't want too much upkeep in their home.

Ceramic Tile

When you're looking for a large and relatively inexpensive table top, ceramic tile is the perfect choice. It's durable and can be replaced if damaged. Anyone who wants a long-lasting tabletop that doesn't require too much upkeep will enjoy this material.

What do different shaped tables look like?

Round Tables

Round tables are usually small enough to fit four people comfortably around them. Since they don't have any sharp edges, it's also possible to push two of these next to each other in order to seat six or eight guests at once if necessary. They come with either pedestal or post legs and tend to be more economical than other shapes due to their ease of manufacture.

Oval Tables

Oval tables are usually larger than round ones since they need room for eight people around them, although some can seat up to twelve people. Oval tables have a more formal look compared with round ones which have a casual look about them. Since oval tables can be made in any size it's possible to purchase one that fits perfectly into a specific space in a home or office.

Rectangular Tables

Rectangular tables are by far the most common shape used in homes today, both because of their affordability and their aesthetics, which is why many homeowners choose this type over all others. Rectangular-shaped tables come in either pedestal or post leg designs and come in a wide range of different lengths and heights, although most can seat between four and ten people.

Square Table

Square tables are often used as dining room tables because they provide more space around them than round ones do. They also look more formal than round tables even though both shapes are fairly similar. Most square tables have pedestal legs but some designs feature post legs too.

Empire Tables

Empire or French shaped tables are considered to be an elegant variation of the standard rectangular table since they offer more legroom for guests on all sides of the table. These types of tables usually come with either pedestal or post legs, measuring 24 x 48 inches (61cm x 121cm) on average, although larger sizes are available too.

Rectangular Conference Tables

Rectangular conference tables are used for business purposes and can seat large numbers of people. They come in different sizes, from small office tabletop designs to huge ones that can seat up to 25 or more people at a time, which is why they're often found in executive boardrooms. In most cases, these types of tables feature pedestal legs, but some have post legs too.

What do I need to consider when buying a table?

If you're concerned about durability, then solid wood is usually the best choice. Round tables are generally more economical than rectangular or square ones. Oval tables are usually longer and wider compared with round ones, but they tend to cost more too. If you're sitting at a table for long periods of time, then you should choose one with padded armrests so that your arms aren't strained.

How can I paint or refurbish my existing table?

Ceramic tile is the easiest to paint, but it's also the most likely to chip, crack, or break since it's not very strong compared with other materials used in modern tabletops. Solid wood tables are expensive if they need to be replaced because of damage, whereas laminate ones are easy to repair and come in different colors too.

What kinds of legs do different shaped tables have?

Pedestal Tables

The pedestal design has two supportive vertical legs which hold up the tabletop securely which is why these types of tables are incredibly durable. They're also easy to clean and maintain if they become dirty or dusty.

Post Tables

The post design is a more elegant way of making a table because it makes the tabletop look as though it's floating on top of the legs. It's possible to make square, oval and round tables with this leg design but it can be less durable than pedestal ones too.

What are table stretchers?

Table stretchers are also known as ring inserts. They have a hole in the center to allow each leg of a table to fit through them securely, which is why they're called stretchers. It's possible to add additional legs if required so that you can create an even more stable surface for your tabletop.

What is the best way to keep a table clean?

Wooden tabletops don't need to be polished with wax every week, but you should avoid using abrasive cleaners because they can damage the surface. In most cases, all you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth instead. Wooden tabletops do gather dust, though, so it's important that they're cleaned at least once a month. If you think your tabletop might be damaged, then it's best to call in an expert for advice before attempting any repairs yourself.

How can I repair my old wooden table?

You might need to apply wood filler if the finish has worn off your wooden table top, whereas cracks can easily be sealed up with glue and clamped into place before they're left to dry. If a screw has come loose then you should replace the wood around it with a hardwood of the same thickness if possible, or make it slightly thicker instead.

How can I protect my new wooden table from damage?

You need to avoid placing hot items on wooden tables because this can cause burns, which is why you should store coasters away in a draw when guests arrive for tea and coffee. Table tops made from laminate are more heat resistant, but they still have some heat tolerance too, so you don't have to worry about burning your tabletop by mistake. It's also best to avoid placing a glass of iced water on a surface that's not meant for drinks since condensation can build up underneath it and cause water marks. You should also try to avoid placing items with sharp corners on tabletops because they can easily scratch the surface too.

What are table skirts?

Table skirts are long pieces of fabric that have elasticized material at either end so that they fit snugly around the legs of a table, creating an elegant or decorative finish depending on how you choose to decorate your tabletop. They're designed for round, square, and oval tables, but not all shapes are available in every style of skirt.

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