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Item Weight: ‎17.6 pounds

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Manufacturer: Part Number ‎SURDOCA-SNW

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Product Dimensions: ‎35.43 x 18.11 x 1.65 inches

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Buyer's Guide: Storage Trunks

Things You Need To Know Before Buying Storage Trunks

Many tourists favor storage trunks because of the great amount of space they provide, as well as the long-lasting quality and fashionable design. Several kinds of materials are used in the construction of these storage trunks. Fabrics such as woven polyester are often utilized. When traveling, most individuals use storage trunks to keep their clothes and other possessions safe. Because of their big storage capacity, these trunks are great for trips like camping and hiking.

Due to their ability to slide beneath bunk beds, these trunks are perfect for roadtrippers and campers both. For individuals who find heavy-weight trunks cumbersome, lighter options are also available.

However, with so many different types of storage trunks available in the market, it can be difficult to decide which trunk is the best one for you. This guide will cover the steps to help you pick out a storage trunk that suits your needs.

Different Types of Storage Trunk

Camping Storage Trunks

An outdoor enthusiast's camping storage trunk might be a terrific investment if you want to spend time in the great outdoors. These robust camping storage trunks will hold all of your gear securely. When you're out camping, you'll want to be able to get to your gear quickly if you need anything throughout your trip. All of your vital goods will be secure and dry in this weather-resistant storage trunk.

A lot of folks store an extra set of clothes in their camping storage trunks when they're away from home. They also prefer to include necessary supplies and equipment, such as food and water. As a result, you'll want something like this to function as a waterproof barrier between your wet equipment and the rest of your gear.

A good camping storage trunk isn't prohibitively expensive, so you should be able to pick one up quickly.  In addition, some people purchase these camping storage trunks in order to bring them with them on their hunts. It's an easy method to keep equipment close at hand. It'll be easy to store items like perfume bottles, ammo, and other necessities in this trunk. You can simply transfer it because it has a sturdy lock and even wheels.

Wheeled Storage Trunks

Although storage trunks are fantastic, some of them are too hefty to be moved around with ease. Because of this, moving the unit from one place to another may be difficult or perhaps impossible. Fortunately, you don't have to risk hurting your back by attempting to lift a large storage trunk. A movable storage trunk will make life a lot simpler if you look for one.

These movable storage trunks may be used for a variety of different things. With so many uses, they'll come in useful for storing anything you need to hide away in your home. When it comes to storing vital equipment or just getting your home goods organized, this storage trunk is a godsend. It's also incredibly easy to transport this storage trunk from room to room thanks to the wheels.

When a storage trunk like this has wheels, moving it around is so much easier. The want to reach down and grab it will be absent. Overall, the storage trunk rolls well. If you fill it to the brim with heavy objects, it won't be all that tough to move.

Many people might benefit from owning a few of these mobile storage trunks. When it comes to closet storage, this is an excellent choice if you have a lot of items that require a place to call their own. You'll be able to move it with ease, and getting to the storage trunk will be no problem too. Most importantly, you can secure it with a lock if you need to.

Saratoga Trunks

The saratoga trunk classifies as an antique trunk. This trunk was frequented by the elite in the 1800s and was named after a prominent New York vacation resort. The construction of this trunk ensured that it would last for many years to come. Especially designed for on-the-go people. Even though some of the locking mechanisms used cutting-edge technology, Saratoga Trunks remained the greatest storage trunk of their day, becoming a favorite of the increasing upper-class population in the United States.

Saratoga's trunks have circular tops, which catalogs often refer to as dome-tops. These items, which may be made of leather, metal, or canvas, were often accessorized with ornamental hardware and were thus considered more upscale. Saratogas are the top-of-the-line trunks, so they may imitate various styles while yet retaining the trademark sturdiness that only a Saratoga Trunk can provide.

Cabin Trunks & Steamer Trunks

Traveling trunks, steamer trunks, and cabin trunks are all terms used to describe the form of baggage that was often used for long voyages on steamships, railroads, stagecoaches, and as student trunks at boarding schools. Despite the fact that they were established in the late 1870s, they truly rose to fame between the years of 1880 and 1920, and were often seen in public.

Some believed cabin, steamer and travel trunks were all interchangeable, but the majority of people insisted that cabin trunks were distinct because they were the modern-day equivalent of steamer trunks and were used to transport more valuable items that were too expensive to be included in the main luggage.

A flat or slightly curved top with a canvas, leather, or patterned paper cover distinguished this kind of trunk from others. Each piece was 14 inches wide to meet the requirements of steamship baggage, thus the moniker 'Steamer Trunks,' which has since been synonymous with this design.

Wall Trunk

Unlike other trunks, wall trunks may be opened to a 180-degree angle, laying flat against the wall on both hinges. Despite their middle-of-the-road pricing, these items are highly sought after if they are in excellent shape. Ideal for those who want to store a lot of things.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Clinton and Miller were the primary makers of these hinges, and their brand names are likely to be engraved on them.

Wicker Storage Trunks

Wicker storage trunks come in a wide variety of styles and designs, as well. Many people love the look of wicker furniture and showcase it in their homes. This wicker storage trunk would go great in your home if you already have other wicker furniture pieces. This is a great method to add some more storage space to your house while still maintaining the overall décor motif.

Wicker has a remarkable amount of strength for a natural material. Although this style of storage trunk isn't ideal for sitting on, it will hold up to regular use. If wicker is your thing, you'll like having one of these. To make it easier for you, they are available in a variety of colors, so look around and see what you like most.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Storage Trunk


You don't want to have to continually replace warped storage closets year after year. After all, nothing beats making a long-term investment. As a result, you'll have more money to go towards other vital things. The good news is that premium trunks are extremely long-lasting. You won't worry about replacing them for a long time once you start using them. Long-lasting was given an extra 'long' by them.


Consider your travel needs and preferences. For example, if you plan to use a trunk for camping, make sure that you’re choosing a suitable trunk that is large enough to hold all of your camping supplies. If you prefer to store your clothes and luggage in your trunk, consider a trunk that’s large enough to hold them.


A steel storage trunk may range in price based on capacity and design. You can get cheap trunks for less than a hundred dollars. More pricey types will set you back over a thousand dollars. The price might vary based on the materials used to construct the trunks. The design of the storage trunks will also have an impact on the overall cost. Metal storage trunks are also available. When shopping for metal trunks, expect to spend more for steel varieties than for aluminum.


If you travel a lot, opt for storage trunks that are transportable, as opposed to the built-in or walk-in closets that come with your home. They should be lightweight and easy to transport. This way you’ll have the ability to store your gears/things as you go along your journey.

Advantages of Buying Storage Trunks

Extra Space

These storage trunks, of course, provide you more space to store your belongings. As a result, rather than living in a cluttered place, you have the option of organizing things since you have enough room. For those who like, the extra room may be used to store their special or treasured possessions.


The days of convenience restrictions are long gone. This is due to the fact that the designs of various storage trunks are adaptable and adjustable. You are free to select the type of form, size, or design that is most comfortable for you. They're all about making things as simple as possible for the consumers. Furthermore, they can store anything. Hence, after you've settled on a design and use for the trunk, you may go out and get it whenever suits you.


Storage trunks can be used for a number of purposes. They are perfect for storing additional merchandise, valuable things, seasonal items, and gardening equipment. They are also available in a range of sizes and may be tailored to meet your specific storage requirements.

Final thoughts

Overall, there are several designs of these things that have been around for a long time and are still popular now. It doesn't matter whether you're looking to utilize these trunks for storage or travel, style or organization, or even to maintain as a family heirloom, it is proven that they're remarkable and highly intriguing.

Storage trunks have gone from being a common household item to a sought-after collectible. They give you the freedom to pack your belongings stylishly while having the space you need. Now that you’ve read this guide, you’re ready to buy your new storage trunk!

FAQs: Storage Trunks

What were trunks used for?

They are often used today as furniture or storage. Trunks have been around for thousands of years. The flat-topped, small trunks we see today were popularized in the Victorian era. They were primarily used for storage. They were made from pine and covered with leather or decorative material.

What are the three types of trunks?

Although trunks are common since 1800, most likely they date back to travels in 1850 or later. They are approximately 80cm wide, 50cm high, and 50cm deep.

What is the top of a trunk called?

The box is the top and bottom frames of the trunk. The box was made from a lightweight, strong wood like Pine or Basswood. These woods were used in nearly all cases. I have seen some trunks from the 1860-1870 period that were made out of Poplar. However, I have never seen any other woods such as Cedar, Ash or Hickory.

What is the difference between a chest and a trunk?

A "trunk" can be described as a large box or case that can be used for transport or storage. A "chest" is only used for storage.

What are trunks made of?

Wooden furniture pieces Trunks are mostly made from common wood (fir, poplar, fruit tree preferably lighter), whereas chests are made of fine wood like walnut or oak, and depending on where they are located, fir (heavy) wood.

What kind of trunks are there?

Storage trunks come in many styles and have different practical properties. There are dome shaped trunks, wicker, metal, wooden, and more.

Are old trunks worth any money?

The value of a refinished item can be anywhere from $250 to $750. The price range will be determined by the details. The trunk's value will drop if you paint it black or gold (metal bands, corners, etc).

Why is it called a trunk?

Trunk is the name for large, portable chests. These trunks were attached to the vehicle's back before integrated storage compartments were developed in the 1930s. "Boot" derives its name from a horse-built compartment.

Do all cars have a trunk release?

A national law requires that all American cars manufactured after 2002 must have a trunk release. It is usually a glow-in the-dark handle near the trunk latch. However, it could also be a cord or button or toggle switch or a handle that doesn't glow in the darkness.

Is a trunk a suitcase?

A large trunk, chest or other container for carrying or storing personal belongings. It is usually equipped with a hinged lid and handles at both ends.

How do you clean an old trunk?

Use a mixture of 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water in a spray can to clean antique metal trunks. Use a paper-lined cloth to clean the trunk interiors.

How do I know if my trunk is antique?

Trunks that are more than 100 years old cannot be considered antique. This significantly reduces their value, and should be considered when looking to expand or start your collection.

How much does a steamer trunk weigh?

Steamer trunks can weigh as much as 100 pounds! These trunks were covered with animal hide, plain, or decorative tin and paper. They were also held together using a variety hardware or wooden slats.

How do you remove the canvas from a steamer trunk?

To remove all items, you can use a variety of staple pullers and screwdrivers as well as diagonal pliers. Don't remove any metal trim that extends from the trunk's front. To release the canvas, insert the tip of a utility blade into the canvas from the inside.
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