Storage Benches


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Product Dimensions: 54.6 x 23.4 x 32.8 inches

Item Weight: 29.7 pounds

Manufacturer: Keter

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No


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Product Dimensions: 38.98 x 27.56 x 7.48 inches

Item Weight: 21 pounds

Manufacturer: Best Price Mattress

Batteries Required: No


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Product Dimensions: 12.5 x 28.5 x 17.7 inches

Item Weight: 9.85 pounds

Manufacturer: Homemaid Living


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Product Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 45 inches

Item Weight: 9.2 pounds

Manufacturer: 's Suggested Maximum Weight 440 Pounds

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No

Batteries Required: No


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Item Weight: ‎19.4 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎43 x 15 x 15 inches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No


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Item Weight: ‎41.8 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎17 x 47 x 17 inches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎No


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Item Weight: ‎11.73 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎15 x 30 x 15 inches


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Product Dimensions: 30 x 15 x 15 inches

Item Weight: 14.46 pounds

Manufacturer: 's Suggested Maximum Weight 500 Pounds

Batteries Required: No


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Product Dimensions: 54.6 x 23.4 x 32.8 inches

Item Weight: 34.7 pounds

Manufacturer: Keter

Buyer's Guide: Storage Benches

Storage Benches Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Making  a Purchase

In any area of the house, storage benches are an excellent way to add additional storage space. Using them is a great way to hide your dirty laundry, shoes, and other items from view.

Before you buy a storage bench, make sure you read this guide. It will teach you everything that you need to know about them. With the information presented, you'll be ready to choose your very own storage bench.

There are numerous styles and sizes of storage benches to choose from, so there's one for every home, whether you want to put it under your window, living room, or in your bedroom.

Spending too much money when furnishing your home is a bad idea. As a result, before making a purchase, spend some time researching your options. Storage benches are ideal because they are both convenient to use and reasonably priced.

What is a storage bench?

Bench and chest storage, also called ottomans, allows you to neatly tuck away various items like footwear, blankets, toys, clothes, and books, amongst other things.

The use of storage benches in various rooms of the house has proven to be highly beneficial. It can help with both complex tasks like keeping the mudroom tidy and simple ones like making it easier to take off and put on shoes.

As a bonus, it doubles as extra storage, helping to keep the living room looking its best at all times. They're also helpful for hiding clutter when guests arrive unexpectedly, and you have to clean up quickly.

A storage bench is an ideal solution for making the most of your limited indoor space. Storage benches can be used as a window seat, bedroom bench, or storage and a bench in any room of the house. You'll have more space for storage and additional seating.

In addition, they contribute significantly to the appearance, cleanliness, and decor of your home.

What are the benefits of using a storage bench?

Benches with storage are extremely useful because of all the space they provide. Ideal for hallways and bedrooms where extra seating is needed, but a chair would take up valuable space.

The storage provided by the benches will help you stay organized and declutter your home. They can also be used to store your shoes, so you can keep your messes hidden until you need them. It's much easier to clean up quickly when you have a bench that can hold lots of pairs of shoes.

When it comes to the problem of storage, storage benches are an attractive, convenient, and cheap solution that anyone can use.

By storing items directly below the bench, you can free up hard floors and furniture and save money on moving to a bigger house.

A bench is a must-have for your living room, bedroom, or even entryway if you don't know what to do with the clutter on the floor.

Different Types of Storage Benches

You can store anything on storage benches. With them, you don't have to make any permanent alterations or spend a lot of money on new furniture to get some extra storage space for your things.  

Storage benches are available in a wide range of materials, storage types, and design options. It comes in all shapes and sizes.

There are numerous styles of storage benches available to accommodate the preferences of different homeowners.

If you're in the market for one, here are a few different designs to consider.

According to Material Used

  • Wood

For storage benches, wood is a common material choice. The best woods are made with high-quality materials and have a classic appearance. They come in a variety of colors and sizes as well.

The most conventional and long-lasting furniture material is wood. As long as the wood is available in a wide variety of shapes and styles, it will remain an important component of storage benches.

If you are looking for a nordic or rustic vibe design, storage benches out of wood are perfect.

  • Plastic

Because of their resistive element to weather changes, plastic benches are commonly used outside. Since plastic is a lightweight material, moving objects between rooms is simple. Benches made of plastic keep items like cushions dry and clean during inclement weather.

  • Wicker

Wicker model storage benches can be both indoor and outdoor furniture because they are lightweight and an excellent material to resist any weather conditions.

Wicker furniture looks classy and elegant. If you want even more comfort, pair it with a comfy pillow to match your room’s design. Wicker designs are perfect if you are looking for a cultural and traditional look.

  • Metal

Metal storage benches are also available, and these can be added to your furniture collection with ease.

 Various designs and styles of metal are available, as well as combinations with other materials such as wood. Look for one that is pleasing to the eye as well as useful.

Metal is also a very long-lasting material with minimal potential for getting destroyed easily.

Before, these storage benches were present in garages and basements, but now, they can be seen in living rooms and kitchens. If you want to achieve an industrial design, metal benches are perfect.

  • Leather

Entryways, bedrooms, and even living rooms often feature leather-clad storage benches. Luxurious and practical go hand in hand with the thick colors and rich materials.

Leather furniture can be a bit pricey, but if you can afford it, go ahead and splurge. It is also very durable, so it will surely last longer.

According to Storage Type

  • Flip Tops

It's a classic design, with a flip-top that opens completely to show a big open compartment. When it comes to flip tops, most have a single lid. However, there are times when they have two half lids.

  • Cubbies

Individual square-shaped spaces fit your belongings in the cubby storage bench type. The cubby in question can usually be found in the living room, entryway, or home office. It can be intended for a variety of useful items such as shoes, books, magazines, photo albums, and many more.

It is designed for easy access and excellent visibility to the objects placed inside.

  • Drawers

In addition to having a sturdy frame, the bench also has pull-out space underneath that can be tucked away if not used. Compared to a flip-top storage design, the drawers provide more interior space but are less intrusive because they are hidden.

Some even offer security locks to make sure that what’s inside cannot be accessed easily by anyone. It is excellent for storing important documents and some other personal belongings.

  • Shoe Storage

Shoe storage is used to keep shoes organized, as the name suggests. Entryway benches like this one have shoe cubbies built right into the front surface.

  • Cabinets

Comparable to a cubby, the cabinet storage bench has a front surface for storage, but the cupboard doors allow items to be concealed behind the doors.

  • Foldable

This type of storage bench can be folded and opened as needed. It is perfect if you have a small apartment.

By this, we imply that they can be pulled out and stacked away when you need extra seating or storage.

They're also lightweight, so you can take them with you when you're out for a day on the beach or for a picnic. Other models can be converted into sleeping mats as well.

Because of the materials used to make it flexible, storage benches of these types are less durable.

  • Trunk-style

With their sturdy construction and elegant design, storage benches in this style resemble old steamer trunks. These models can be decorative pieces on their own, whether made of leather, wood, or metal.

According to Style

  • Traditional Style

When looking for a storage bench, you're most likely to come across one in the traditional style. Almost always, these are handcrafted wooden replicas, complete with carved arms, backs, and other features.

Wooden models with carved backs, arms, and other details are traditional. This is a classic, elegant design that will go with just about any type of interior.

  • Industrial Style

With a purpose-built, useful aesthetic, industrial style aims to replicate the look and feel of a factory floor in your home or office. For example, they can be eye-catching in a traditional or cottage-style house or go unnoticed in the background of a shop or a garage.

  • Cottage Style

Cozy and inviting, cottage style features a semi-rustic appearance and natural, worn wood appeal, as well as the convenience that a storage bench provides. This gives you the vibe of living in the countryside. So comforting!

  • Contemporary Style

Contemporary style is focused on the present. It does not necessarily refer to any particular style but it is often minimalistic with combinations of materials used. While adding a stunning aesthetic to your home, these designs don't sacrifice on functionality.

  • Modern Style

Modern design is characterized by clean, simple lines and a union of function and design. Depending on your taste, these pieces will look great in a modern or traditional space.

Where is the ideal place to put a storage bench?

Any room would benefit from having a storage bench. They are inexpensive, versatile, and practical. You can store all of your household items in it, and it also doubles as a comfortable seat.

When deciding whether or not your home needs a storage bench, the first thing you'll think about is where to put it. The bench you select will be very different depending on where it will be used.


An ottoman with a soft and comfortable top works well as a storage bench in the bedroom because it is backless. These are frequently found at the end of beds for both practical and aesthetic reasons.


Rustic, gentle, and earth tones are popular choices for kitchen decor. Designs with vertical backs are the best choices for storage benches that also serve as dining room seating.

Living Room

You can quickly tidy up your living room with a storage bench that offers extra seating and a place to put your feet up. Extra blankets and toys can be tucked away in the spacious interior compartment, which can also have a place for remote controls, magazines, books, and photo albums.


An entryway storage bench should be sturdy and have a solid top. Look for solid wood benches with solid backs that can endure the traffic with an entryway. It is also the best place to put a shoe storage bench.


The storage bench is an excellent addition to patio furniture because it has built-in storage for keeping cushions dry at all times. Despite the fact that wood is an excellent material, wicker and plastic models are also readily available and very popular. Woods in the patio tends to get destroyed easily if it gets wet all the time.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Storage Bench

Many people's homes have storage benches. Shoes, jackets, pillows, and many more, are all perfect for storing on a bench.

There are several things to consider before making a purchase of a storage bench. Finding one that matches your decor or is the right size, on the other hand, can be difficult. Before you buy a storage bench, think about the answer to the following questions:

  • Location - where to put your storage bench?
  • Type - what type of storage  are you looking for?
  • Style - what style matches your home decor?
  • Material - what material suits your needs best?
  • Price - does the price match the quality?
  • Size - what size fits your space without crowding it?
  • Capacity - how big is the storage you are looking for?

How to choose the best storage bench for your needs?

The ideal storage benches are large enough to accommodate your belongings, convenient to store them, and strong enough to support a significant amount of weight. Wide bases make benches more stable, so choose one with a broad base if you can.

On top of that, the best benches need a non-slip top surface to keep your pants from getting scuffed up while you sit on them.

Moreover, the best storage bench is the one that can truly serve your needs without sacrificing the decor and home vibe you are aiming for.

Additional Tips & Considerations In Buying a Storage Bench


Any furniture needs maintenance to last longer. You must take this factor into consideration before you buy a storage bench. You might be tempted to purchase the cheapest one, but it ends up being costly to maintain.


If you have children or they come to visit frequently, you must install child safety hinges and locks. Children are curious, and they might get their fingers slammed by the lids. Worst, they might get locked inside one.  


Durability is a major consideration when shopping for a storage bench. So, how can you tell if an outdoor bench will last a long time? Materials, design, and quality are the three things to consider.

While wood is a strong material, it can break down in certain climates or from exposure to moisture.

You should also think about using a strong material like metal, which most heavy-duty choices are made of. But in the end, it still depends on your needs.

Final Thoughts

It's that simple to find the ideal storage bench for your house. The perfect type, appropriate material, and a worthy style are all things you must know before buying something.

Extra features and accessories are available when choosing your bench if needed or desired. Picking out a suitable bench will allow you to enhance your living space’s look and functionality without spending a lot of time and effort.

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