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Buyer's Guide: Chaise Lounges

How to Choose the Best Chaise Lounge: Ultimate Guide

A chaise lounge is a great addition to a living room, whether in a sunroom or by the pool. These chairs are typically made of a lighter-weight wood or foam that can be easily moved around. They have a sloped back that allow you to stretch out your body all the way, making them an ideal place for watching television, reading, or just relaxing.

Chaise lounges come in a variety of styles and colors, which makes it difficult to choose the right one. This guide will walk you through on how to choose the best chaise lounge for your space and lifestyle. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect chaise lounge!

What is a chaise lounge?

Even if you haven’t heard of a chaise lounge, chances are you know someone who uses one! Chaise lounges are basically a low-back and short-leg lounge chair that are popular with people who prefer a reclining position. The unique shape of a chaise gives it more flexibility than a traditional chair. For those who have a lot of time on their hands, this makes for the ideal space to take a break, or simply enjoy the view.

Metal, aluminum, rattan, wood, resin, and recycled plastic are some of the frame materials available for chaise lounges. The materials you choose are heavily influenced by your desired look and level of comfort, but they are also influenced by the climate in your location and your lifestyle.

Two Advantages of Owning a Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounges Can Be a Great Complementary Piece

You may pair a chaise lounge with a wide range of other pieces of accent furniture. Putting an end table in between two chaise couches gives you a place to put your beverages, food, a book, and phone when you're lounging on your patio. For big gatherings, consider placing a chaise lounge next to a lounge set to give additional seats. You and your visitors will have a fantastic place to relax while taking in the rays if you gather chaise couches together near the pool.

To complete your chaise couch, consider adding a patio canopy and stand or base for your umbrella. While it's fun to soak up the rays, you and your friends will eventually tire of being out in the sun for long periods of time. By adding an umbrella base to your chaise couch, you'll give much-needed shade while also enhancing the look of the room.. When using a cantilever umbrella, the base may be put behind your chaise lounges to prevent obstructing your view, but the portion of the umbrella that extends over where you are sat will still be useful. In terms of outdoor furniture, chaise lounges are a great addition to any space.

Chaise Lounges (Foldable) Can Be Stored During Winter

Unfortunately, not everyone can call a location like Florida home. During the off-season or severe weather, many of us will have to decide what to do with our patio furniture and whether it will be damaged. Patio furniture may last for many years if it is stored and protected properly. This will keep it looking and feeling like new for many years after you buy it.

Even if you have limited storage space, patio furniture coverings are a possibility if folding and stackable chaise lounges are not an option. They protect your furniture by using high-quality, long-lasting textiles that can endure all kinds of weather. Covers are water-resistant, vented, and sturdy, and they have fasteners to keep them in place even in high winds.

The manufacturer's covers are ideal since they guarantee a correct fit, but you are free to purchase any patio furniture cover of your choice. Before you buy a cover, make sure you know the measurements of your chaise lounge so you can be sure it will fit.

Different Styles of a Chaise Lounge


To a large extent, the Victorian-style fainting sofas will look and feel like the ones used in England between the 1830's and 1900's. Refurbished pieces from this era are available, or you may buy a new chair that includes parts of the original design.

In this design, the emphasis is on intricate elements such sculpted base patterns, woodwork, and sumptuous upholstery with high-quality finishes. Modern copies that employ more cost-effective materials mean this design doesn't have to break the bank, even if it is the most expensive.

Bench Style

It's possible to have a bench-style chaise lounge with a lot of configurations. Although it shares certain characteristics with a regular daybed, this form can be a bit longer and broader than others. It usually rests on a hard surface and has a high back and a low seat. There are styles with and without a back.


Contemporary choices have a geometric design and can incorporate features from all other options listed above. Metal accents and non-traditional color palettes, such as black, vivid hues, or patterns, are common in this category.

Modern furniture's construction can be supported or backless, have one or two sides, be one piece or include a footrest, and have adjustable components. It's also commonly combined with minimalist furniture.

Metal frames, bases, and feet are frequently used in contemporary and modern designs to enhance their sleek design and futuristic appearance. Most furniture supports are made of either aluminum or stainless steel.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Chaise Lounge for Your Home


Chaise lounges are versatile and can be used in both small and large spaces. Some are smaller and can be placed on top of a coffee table or near a couch for an accent piece. On the other hand, some are larger and can take up an entire patio space.

The classic chaise lounge is 22″ in length. However, you will find a number of patterns and variations in size. The variety in sizes can be explained by their purpose. Some chaise lounges are designed to be used in the living room and are meant to be used regularly, while others are meant to be used only during the day or night.


Upholstery possibilities for indoor furniture are nearly limitless. To choose a traditional-style chair, look for fabrics like silk or velvet, as well as brocade designs.

Those with more contemporary tastes can like linen, chintz, or suede. Ensure that your chair's cushions are of a sufficient thickness and firmness before purchasing. Your design may call for a large and plush cushion, or you may need to go for one with clean lines and little padding if you're going for a more modern look.

If the piece will be in a high-traffic area, look for stain-resistant fabrics in the cushions to help extend the life of your furnishings. It should be kept out of the sunlight to avoid fading or discoloration from the sun.


If you want a cozy chaise lounge for your living room, it would be best if you go for wood & earthy colors like ash, maple, oak, cherry, or teak. If you want it to have a more formal look, you may choose a deep cherry or ebony finish or a distressed finish that will give it a more finished appearance.


Find pieces that will fit in your home without taking up too much room by measuring the remaining space in your house. Don't forget that you might want to add a coffee table or an area rug to help frame your furniture, so leave yourself some wiggle room when planning your space.

The dimensions of the chaise lounge may be found on the manufacturer's or retailer's website, making it easier for you to choose something that would look great in your house.

If you do have room for more than one, it is highly recommended to select a chaise with an extended back – this will allow you to stretch your legs even more. An extended back allows you to stretch and relax in a more comfortable position as well.


Based on the style and materials you like, cheap indoor chaise lounges can cost hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars.

Like most home furniture, you'll be able to discover budget-friendly solutions for around $100 and more expensive high-end ones for far over $1,000. The most expensive chaise couch ever purchased cost over $3.1 million and was designed by legendary designer Marc Newson.

Prices are mostly determined by the materials you want. High-end finishes and leather might cost up to $1000 if you want solid wood or other high-end materials.

Make sure the item fits your budget by adding delivery and, if necessary, assembly costs to the entire cost. Leave some room for decorative accents like area rugs or end tables that will draw attention to your newly purchased furnishings.

Final Thoughts

Not only can a chaise lounge chair help you get the relaxation you need, but it may also provide the flair your home design so desperately needs. The incomparable style that one of these chairs can provide to any home, no matter how large or tiny, may profit from it.

Always consider your alternatives carefully before making a decision, so you'll be happy with what you've chosen.

FAQs: Chaise Lounges

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Are chaise lounges out of style?

You can't go wrong with them. Chaise lounges are a timeless piece that has been a part of home decor for many centuries.

What is the point of a chaise lounge?

While the chaise lounge is comfortable while sitting upright, they can be stretched out for one person, making them ideal for reading, relaxing, or napping. They are basically sofas that have the backrest on one side.

Are chaise lounge chairs comfortable?

Chaise lounges are a very comfortable piece of furniture that can be used in living rooms. These large chaise lounge chairs offer comfort and style to those with a little more space in their bedroom or living room.

What is another name for chaise lounge?

What's another name for chaise lounge? Seat chair bench recliner sofa lounge pew seating 15 more rows

Can you put a chaise against a wall?

A chaise sectional that is free to move around in the middle of the room will work better. This will allow for more space for the chaise. A chaise sectional that is pushed against a wall will not be as noticeable so people can appreciate its unique shape.

What do the French call a chaise longue?

The French word for chair "chaise", which means chaise, is often dropped in favor of calling a chaise lounge "lounge chairs". It is any long, upholstered chair that you can sit down on. It's a long-lasting upholstered chair that allows you to sit up.

How can I make my chaise lounge more comfortable?

You can make your couch more comfortable by filling the cushions with foam inserts. You can instantly cover your couch with a sofa slipcover. You can also strengthen your springs with a wood support. Snuggle Into A Super Soft Blanket. You can elevate your feet with an adjustable wedge pillow. You can curl up with the Cup Cozy Deluxe Pillow.

How do I choose a lounge chair?

You should feel comfortable in the seat and be able to move around easily. Your arms should rest comfortably on the armrests, and your feet should feel flat on the ground. Jill Clements, Freedom's senior interior designer, advises that you also check the fit of the seat in your space.

Are chaise sofas practical?

No matter what style or accessories you use, a chaise longue sofa or chaise-end couch is stylish and practical. It is also very versatile and can be used in many different ways.

What side should the chaise be on?

It is a good idea to place the chaise on the side that receives the most traffic. Notice: A piece labeled right arm facing (RAF) means that the arm is on your left as you look at it. If the piece is labeled left arm facing (LAF), it means that the arm is to your left when you look at it.

How do you arrange a chaise sofa?

Avoid the Walls. Underwood states, "Ideally, the couch should be located in the middle or area of the room. This creates a cozy gathering place." Instead of touching the walls, you can use them to align your furniture pieces. A U-shaped sectional might be placed to match three walls in a large living space.

Are chaise couches good?

You can choose to relax on the chaise or with another person. The sofa can also be used as a couch for the whole family. You'll never want to return to a regular couch again after you have sat down on a sectional.

Are chaise sofas good?

Although chaise lounges have many great benefits, they might not be the best choice for your home. Chaise lounges can be a great option for many homes. However, you should measure your space accurately to ensure your lounge is comfortable.

What is the difference between an ottoman and a chaise?

However, front-facing chaises are more elegant and less likely to slip than a chair with an ottoman. A chaise lounge that faces the side is similar to a traditional sofa but has one large, curved arm.

Can you sleep in a chaise?

They have a timeless and elegant appearance. They are often placed in the bedroom. They are usually placed in the bedroom. It's fine to sleep on a chaise lounge chair. However, it is best to make your bed your main sleeping place. Long-term use of a chaise lounge chair can cause discomfort and damage to joints.

How long is a chaise lounge?

Chaise Lounge Dimensions & Sizes: Chaise Lounge Length -- Between 73 and80 inches. The overall length of the chaise lounge's seat area is between 42-48 inches. The chaise lounge's overall height is between 35-40 inches.

Are chaise lounges reversible?

Reversible chaise sofas can be used in a variety of ways and are very versatile. These sofas are the Swiss Army Knife in sofas. For even more options, you can choose the sofa bed model!

What does left chaise mean?

Left-Hand Facing: The chaise can be viewed from the left side if you stand facing a sectional. Because the sofa extends to the right, the arm of the chaise can be found on the left.

Where should I put my chaise?

Placement of a chaise lounge in the living room Next to a bay windows. As a second seating arrangement. As part of your sectional. Near a sliding door. Near the TV. Your couches. In your outdoor living room.

What goes with a chaise lounge?

A chaise longue can be placed in an empty corner. Create a vignette with books, a table and a rug around it. You can add a rug underneath it in contrasting colours or striking patterns to help bring it to the fore. It is stunning to place a chaise longue near a large window.

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